Dear Friends!

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I’m happy to welcome you to my personal website. It happened, that my personal relationship with art has been separated into several periods. In early childhood, it was an unconscious attempt to explore the surrounding world through drawing. The second phase occurred in college while  studying in the department of Fine and Graphic Arts of the Moscow State Pedagogical University. It was the time of accumulating the first professional experience and skills, and the process of understanding the fundamentals about “what is good and what is bad” in the art world. The phase of professional activity  as an artists was quite short, yet very interesting and enjoyable. But my life took a turn when I began a long and productive period of leading the Moscow gallery Kovcheg. My life was devoted to Kovcheg for nineteen years. So many things were done and yet so many plans were never executed. However, even the unfinished projects at Kovcheg provided valuable lessons and experience.

Along with Kovcheg, I started my personal publishing activities – a series of condensed, small format booklets under the common name “ModernArtConsulting,” with the purpose of familiarizing many people with the creations of specific artists.

Finally, the current period, related to gallery 2.36 in Moscow, Russia. Since the launch of the gallery, it got many positive reviews, lots of fans around the country, and people who are looking forward to what the gallery will do next. At the same time, the scope of my interests frequently goes broader than the work of the gallery. This way, some projects come to light spontaneously as if at the behest of higher powers.  This can be said about the collection of Dega’s  illustrations, photographs by Lucien Clergue, Eric Marrian’s “White Square” project, and the collection of medieval stained glasses in the “Light of The Ages” project.

I hope that the launch of this website will help me to move to the next level of my relationship with art and you – those who are interested in art.

So, welcome!


Short Biography


Artist,  art critic, collector, publisher.

Was born in 1964 in Moscow, Russia. Yury graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University, majoring in Fine and Graphic Arts and specialized in the field of painting. He participated in numerous Russian and international exhibitions. Yury’s paintings and graphic works are currently part of personal and corporate collections in 17 countries. He defines his style as humanistic primitivism.

From 1989 to 2007: director of State Exhibition Hall Kovcheg, Moscow, Russia, where he created and presented about 300 expo projects, many of which were co-created in the close partnership with the leading collectors and Russian museums: State Tretyakov Gallery, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, State Museum Vologda Art Gallery, Yaroslavl State Museum of Fine Arts, and many others. Yury received a medal from Russian Ministry of Culture “For the achievements in culture” and a distinguished diploma from the Russian Academy of Arts for the series of exhibitions called “Unforgotten Names,” whose purpose was to promote less-known Russian artists of the 20th century.

For the past 20 years he was assisting in the formation of personal and corporate collections of the 20th century Russian art. He was an active participant in the establishment of the collection of the Russian art for thr TMORA Museum (USA). Along with the ABN AMRO Bank, Independent Finacial Group ATON, and Nikoil Corporation, Yury worked on a series of investment projects in the area of Russian art.

In 2006 he began to actively publish under the name «ModernArtConsulting».

Since 2005, he constantly connects with French antique dealers, gallery owners, and private collectors.

In 2007 he opened gallery 2.36, which executed a number of memorable projects.

In 2008-2010 he worked on the formation of the Institute of Russian Realistic Art in Moscow.