J A N U A R Y 9,  2014
Г.Гросс. Улица в Берлине. 1922 1923 гг. Национальный музей Варшава George Grosz. Talents and Suitors

G. Grosz. Street in Berlin. 1922-3, National Museum, Warsaw


[…] The modern bourgeois has digested everything − from him, nothing is safe. The merchant of today is different from the merchant of Gustav Freytag’s time. This one is cold, distant.  He hangs radical works on the walls of his apartment. The catchphrase is, don’t be old-fashioned, adapt quickly and without thinking. His art must be in the latest style. He lacks any notion of responsibility or mission. He’s sober, realistic to the point of proceeding in a stupor, skeptical, without illusions, greedy. He understands only his goods. There are specialists for understanding the rest: philosophy, ethics, art, all the stuff of culture. Experts determine what is fashionable and the rest accept it.”


Art Is in Danger, 1925

George Grosz. Thoughts and Work. Progress Publishers, Moscow. 1975