A U G U S T 5,  2013

2 Alexander Maximov: “Plastics is…”


When I look at a piece of work [drawing or painting], plastics is what primarily attracts me. Meanwhile, the client is interested above all in the story, content and meaning. I also happen to be in such a mindset that I first of all pay attention to the meaning. But then art is not an instrument to look for truth in a social, ethical, philosophical, religious or any other sense, even though all of that can be found in art, and to a very large extent. Yet, plastics is the main truth that art is looking for and that it is meant to look for. Plastics – the restriction of form – is the specifics of art. It is not without reason that they say that ’the artist sees everything the way other people do and differs from them only in his ability to convey these visual images in a representation on a plane or in sculpture. That is to say that the artist differs from other people precisely by his command of that plastics, to one extent or another, and by his ability to restrict form.” 

                                                                                                             Entry in Alexander Maximov’s archive. 05/24/1978