J U L Y 19,  2013
31 Alexander Maximov. Flies at the Tambov Dacha

Flies at the Tambov Dacha. 1978. Kovcheg Gallery collection


On August 30, 1977, I decided to make a drawing at the Tambov dacha, but couldn’t concentrate: flies were swarming around the room. They were everywhere – on the ceiling, on the walls, on the table, on the windows and in the air and just stuck to my hands and face. It was a real kingdom of flies, and they had the time of their life there. They drone, roll, fall on the floor, perform incredible aerobatic figures, get behind the collar and fly into the nose and ears. The flies are deft, brave and swift. They alight on the nose, eyebrows and nostrils and crawl over the eyes, nose, forehead, ears and, of course, hands. They bite, drone and multiply there and then. They relieve themselves, preen their wings and heads, rub one leg against the other and wash themselves. One fly sat down on the tip of my pencil and wouldn’t go away until its leg began to bother it. I kept drawing, while the flies crawled all over me, showing me what they could do.”


Entry from Alexander Maximov’s archive. August 30, 1977