M A Y 24,  2013

08 Alexander Maximov. “Shape is the Core of Russian Style”

I say shape. Shape is the core of Russian, early Russian style. I understand it as the outline, that is, the line ’embracing’ the object. Here is the head, the line ’embraces’ it, and this is shape, which accords with Nature and our perception of the world.”

However, today I thought that the head is not only shape – it is also the inside, there is also the soul of the head. This is the way it is. And every existing thing has a soul. And one has to represent not only the outside appearance, the ‘shape,’ which is very important in itself, but also the inside, that is, the soul. How to go about it? I don’t know. Now, if ‘shape’ is something more or less clear, the ‘soul’ is not at all clear, but it is clearly felt that it is there.”

Note from Alexander Maximov’s archive. 11/24/1973