F E B R U A R Y 20, 2013
Г.Гросс. Париж. 1925 George Grosz. On Paris

G. Grosz. Paris. 1925. Stadtmuseum, Berlin

France has long been considered the German artists’ Mecca. They got their final polish as painters there. The highly talented masters who lived and worked  there attracted a multitude of commencing artists from abroad, and entire families of painters received their artistic training in France. Masters, such as Thomas Couture, directly trained quite a few celebrities, and as their teachers enjoyed respect and esteem the world over. Successful schools arose there, and major masters from among their graduates won respect and acclaim for those schools.

Thus little by little Paris earned the fame of a truly world center of arts. And whoever wanted to partake in the genuine spirit of painting, in the latest subtleties of peinture, went there. The latest major art trends originated in Paris – the Impressionists with their core of brilliant talents, the School of Fontainebleau, later on the Pointillists, and then Cubists and others. They exercised tremendous influence across the world on artists of a younger and at times older generations. Small wonder that Paris and the whole of its atmosphere, which was so obviously beneficial for artists, were praised to the skies.”


Paris als Kunststadt. 1925

George Grosz. Thoughts and Work. Progress Publishers, Moscow. 1975