j a n u a r y 10,  2013
Г.Гросс. За столом. 1920 1921 гг George Grosz: On Art

G. Grosz. At the Table. 1920-1. National Museum, Warsaw

Art is now an absolutely secondary matter. Anyone who is capable of ignoring for the most part rather individually set frames of one’s studio will see this. However, art is a matter that demands from those who engage in it clear-cut decisions. It matters where you stand in this operation and how you treat the Problem of the masses that is no longer a problem for those who have their eyes open. Are you on the side of the exploiters or on the side of the masses who want to rough up those exploiters?

This question is not to be dismissed with old fraudulent words of the sublimity, holiness and superiority of purely artistic experience. The artist is bought today by either a speculator or a patron, whoever pays more. Such by-trading is called encouragement of culture in a bourgeois state. Yet, most of today’s painters and poets want to know nothing of the masses. How else can we explain that there is next to nothing that would reflect the ideals, aspirations and desires of the stormily rising masses?

The artistic revolution of the painter or the poet may, of course, be interesting or of aesthetic value, but these are ultimately studio problems. And many artists who are seriously tormented will fall into the abyss of bourgeois nihilism; seeing nothing but individualistic seething in the artistic milieu, they do not learn to see the truly revolutionary problems with sufficient clarity and take too little effort.”


                                                 George Grosz.  Zu meinen neuen Bildern. November 1920

                                              George Grosz. Thoughts and Work. Progress Publishers, Moscow. 1975