d e c e m b e r 13, 2012
Paris.1920 s Paris Doesn’t Forgive Idleness

Paris. 1920s

…Paris indeed is the heart of that trend which got named after it. Yet, curiously enough, School of Paris artists hardly ever painted Paris. Remember Modigliani, Chagall and Picasso – no Paris to speak of. But they had now champagne in Paris, now the high pale skies of Paris with reflections of age-old freedom, now the feeling which Paris grants even to those who don’t feel it. It is very difficult to survive in Paris, Paris doesn’t forgive idleness. Paris can ruin the weak, but it gives the strength which no other city gives because it is pervaded with the spirit of millennium-old freedom and it is in this city that a revolution took place that made art autonomous from depiction, from the depiction of life…”


Mikhail Yurievich German,

art critic, leading researcher of the State Russian Museum, member of the Academy of the Humanities, of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and the St. Petersburg branch of the Art Critics Association (ACA).