A P R I L  25  –  M A Y  25,  2012
13 610 20/13. Twenty of the Thirteen

In its next project the 2.36 Gallery focuses on artists of what is arguably the most original and recognizable art association of the late 1920s – early 1930s. “Twenty of the Thirteen” (20/13) are twenty artists of “The Thirteen” Group.

The Group held as few as two exhibitions, one at the Press House in Nikitsky Boulevard in 1929 and the other at the Moscow University Conference Hall in Mokhovaya Street in 1931 (still another exhibition, scheduled for 1930, did not take place). Yet, even those two shows obviously demonstrated the Group’s originality and distinction from others. This is explained both by the ideology of the founders, who formed the Group to tackle purely artistic tasks, that is, who were advocates of pure art irrespective of the political moment or social aspects, and the artists’ orientation to almost exclusively graphic works and specifically to quick drawing, done more often than not from nature without any amendments or retouching.

The history of the Group, like that of all other creative associations, ended eighty years ago in 1932, when all artistic associations were disbanded on the order of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik).

We have managed to collect works by everyone of the twenty contributors to the exhibitions of “The Thirteen” group. These include the founders V. Milashevsky, N. Kuzmin and D. Daran, who already had some renown by that time, their younger colleagues and VKhUTEMAS graduates T. Mavrina, B. Rybchenkov, L. Zevin and the Kashin sisters, the amateur artists actress O. Hildebrandt and writer Yu. Yurkun,  the recognized masters A. Drevin, N. Udaltsova and A. Sofronova, who joined the Group later, and comparatively little known artists, such as S. Izhevsky, M. Nedbailo and S. Rastorguyev. On show are only “authentic” works by group members, that is, those done not later than the 1930s in conformity with the ideology of “The Thirteen”.


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