APRIL 1, 2012

From the diary of Boris Chernyshev

June 7, 1933. Luberci.

…Yesterday was a portentous day. A big fresco of mine was overpainted yesterday. I am not sorry about my work. I’m sorry that we are uncivilized Asians and rather stupid at that. It’s my second work to have been destroyed. Well, then, I’ll have to start all over again… Natalka is on the verge of tears. Of course it’s even worse for her: she had so much faith in me and was so proud…

Foto 012 Artists place in Stalins society. A look from inside

Boris Chernyshev with Daughter Masha

August 19, 1933. Aniskino

Well, it’s the same as before – mushrooms and bread are our diet, and from the 25th Natalka, too, will be unemployed, and there’ll be no bread…

Did a sketch of “Max and Marfusha” in the afternoon. It feels very good to draw in a restrained manner, using monumental technique. I’d love to draw a lot but can’t do it. No time. Should I go work as an accountant or what? Stay in till four o’clock and then be free to draw whatever you want…

What a wonderful life! Bread and mushrooms, mushrooms without any bread but with tea. True, the menu is monotonous, but then I at least have a little time to draw. I draw nearly every day. It’s good to live like that. At least no “dealings with salesmen” like Savary and others. Of course, it’s all ridiculous, but I am bad at sitting pretty. And then I’m so far from real everyday life that it’s late to start listening to reason.

Boris Chernyshev. Edited by M.B. Chernysheva. Moscow, GALART Publishers, 2007