m a r c h 21a p r i l 20,  2012
boris 610 Boris Chernyshev. Rescued Works

The “Fragments” exhibition cycle has been conceived as a show of a small number of artworks. They could differ in themes, subjects or dating, but the invariable main principle is that a good artist is represented by interesting works. The 2.36 Gallery walls have already displayed works by Boris Petrovich Chernyshev, one of the gallery’s regulars. This time, however, it is not merely another exhibition in that cycle, but a sort of homage to several people:

  • To the artist himself for his gift and arduous work;
  • To the artist’s daughter Maria Borisovna Chernysheva for deference and memory, staunchness and self-sacrifice in preserving and popularizing her father’s art;
  • To restoration workers who literally rescued many of the artist’s works.

Trained as a monumental artist who for long had no chance to show his worth in this genre, Chernyshev found for himself materials that in their absorbent properties were the nearest approximation to a drying fresco. These included newsprint and wrapping paper that gave a peculiar matte surface to his works and were used by the artist for easel “frescoes.” Unfortunately, with time the low quality of those materials largely affected the condition of the artist’s works. If we add that the artist treated his temperas as if they were paintings and at the slightest possibility tried to mount them on canvas, using cheap glue, it is easy to imagine the plight with which the daughter and specialists had to cope when restoring those works.

It is all the more gratifying to know that the worst is already behind for many of Chernyshev’s works and that after several decades they are back for the public to admire. His works will be on show at the 2.36 Gallery from March 22 to April 20, 2012. Bearing in mind our mobile type of work and lack of extra staff, please make an appointment for your visit at (499) 241-56-64.


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