etude numero 17 Eric Marrian. Study No. 17 from the Carre Blanc series, 2006

Eric Marrian should be classified as a formalist: his experiments with the body are experiments with form. Trained as an architect, Marrian seems to be making his photographs with the help of a ruler and a pair of compasses. He inscribes his model in an oval or shapes a triangle. He skillfully operates with space, now filling it to the brink, now leaving a generous amount of air. Yet, it is no Lego play, but spirited geometry.

The reason for the popularity of this series is obviously not only the fascinating stories: these works easily fit into the nonlinear history of art. One does not have to be overly versed in theory to see associations with Brancusi’s models or abstractionist canvases. There is here the influence of minimalism and homage to the great classics of twentieth-century photography.



Eric Marrian


Study No. 17 from the Carre Blanc series




Designer printed photography



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Purchased from the artist;
exhibited at:
the Venice Festival (Mostra), Mestre, 2005
6th European Nude Photography Festival, Arles, 2006
16th International Photography Festival, Arles, 2006
“Eric Marrian. Carre Blanc,” Galerie Photo-Verdeau, Paris, 2008
“Black and White Plasticity. 20th-century European Photography,” 2.36 Gallery, Moscow, 2008
“Eric Marrian. Carre Blanc,” ERA Foundation, Moscow, 2009
“Black and White Plasticity. 20th-century European Photography,” Yaroslavl Art Museum, 2009;
reproduced in the catalogue Eric Marrian. Carre Blanc, 2.36 Gallery, Moscow, 2009, p.59.


US $2,500


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