f e b r u a r y  7 – m a r c h 15,  2012
livanov 610 Alexander Livanov: About Sundry Things in Brief

Exhibition from the “Fragments” cycle

Alexander Livanov is one of those artists for whom the very process of drawing, including immersion in the rhythm and structure of drawing and extraction (development) of the work from the original whiteness of the sheet of paper, does not depend on topical trends and currents. The artist follows the logic of the development of every particular sheet and the interaction of figures, shapes and surfaces. This immersion in the work itself presupposes unending observation of what is going on around. In fact, it does not matter much to Livanov what to depict – a portrait, a still life, a nude or, say, a motorcar: his interest is focused on purely artistic problems, such as conveying movement, constructing sheet space and the dialogue between different shapes.

Even while presenting, as it does, a small number of works, the exhibition “About Sundry Things in Brief” demonstrates the scale of Livanov’s interests as an artist – diverse genres, themes and media.

Made in different decades, on different themes and even in different styles, his works have in common precise images, heightened attention to detail and seeming ease of execution that account for the trademark style of the true artist Alexander Livanov.



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