d e c e m b e r 15, 2011 – j a n u a r y 15, 2012
krasivo610 Make It Beautiful for Me!

20th Century Decorative Graphic Works

Today people again turn to visual arts in a bid to make their homes warm and cozy, not the least because of the work of designers and interior decorators, whose services have been in great demand in recent years. Russian history has known periods of mass-scale interest in art in the past as well. The latest pickup of such interest occurred in the 1960s and 1970s, when engineers and staffers of various research centers began to fill their tiny apartments with prints by modern artists or pictures won in the All-Union Art Lottery.

It was not collecting, of course, which always was the passion and lot of a limited number of art lovers. People just decorated and beautified their homes and tried to create original interiors (to the extent of their tastes and possibilities). Visual arts are particularly suitable for the purpose, and it does not matter whether a wall at your home is adorned with an epic painting, a black-and-white photograph, a well-mounted lithograph or a custom-made carpet. In any case, all such items created by artists, albeit unknown, will do their utilitarian purpose of putting beauty within the reach of the “masses.” The investment factor, though not predominant, also comes into play: any quality artifact, especially one with clearly manifest decorative properties, will keep growing in value and by definition remain liquid.

The exhibition mounted by the 2.36 Gallery on the New Year eve is a sort of gift from the curators to interior decorators and to people seeking to bring beauty into their homes. The bulk of the display consists of sketches of fabrics and wallpaper done in France in the 1920s and 1930s, easel pieces and lithographs by well-known Russian and European 20th century masters, including Ivan Puni (Jean Pougny), Raoul Dufy, Fernand Leger, Armand and others.



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