d e c e m b e r  20,  2011
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Jules Pascin. Three Characters. 1920s, Indian ink, pen and watercolor on paper

On December 22 the Galeev Gallery will host another Moscow Collectors Club exhibition that traditionally wraps up the calendar year. On show will be paintings and graphic works added to private collections over the past year.

A few thoughts à propos the forthcoming exhibition. First, the very idea of such exhibitions presupposes that new artworks are brought to the attention of the scholarly, critics’, collectors’ and museum community. This means that if interested, specialists can see and examine these artworks. Second, any work put on public view within the framework of a Club exhibition enhances the collector’s responsibility to his/her colleagues for the work’s provenance. The risk of marring one’s reputation forces the collectors to carefully choose exhibits for such shows. Furthermore, such exhibitions give an idea of the general mood among private collectors and make it possible to analyze the stability of or changes in the private collections development tendencies.

To mount an integral display out of a motley kaleidoscope of works dating from different periods, differing in genre and style, executed in different manners and not connected by any common theme is no easy task for any curator. All the more interesting and provocative is to see new acquisitions and the extent to which the curators succeed in harmonizing all those diverse masterpieces.

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Charles Laborde. At the Circus. 1920s, Indian ink, pen and watercolor on paper

Unfortunately, many collectors contributed to the last year’s exhibition pieces that can hardly be referred to as new acquisitions as they had long been in their possession.  Thereby they violated the main principle of the exhibition: presenting new acquisitions from private collections for the first time to the public at large. It is to be hoped that a similar discrepancy will be avoided this time and that we will see the discoveries made this year.

I have decided to exhibit two pieces that I have purchased this year and that, I believe, perfectly fit my collection of 20th-century Russian and European graphic works.