Obl 03 262x300 B/W: Twentieth century Russian and European Graphic Works

B/W: Twentieth-century Russian and European Graphic Works was originally conceived as a catalogue for the exhibition of the same name. However, as work on the project progressed, it became clear that it would not fit within the framework of an ordinary exhibition catalogue. For many people graphic works are still terra incognita, and something akin to a reference or textbook on the subject was needed.

The result is this book on the origin and development of different graphic media and techniques. The book is divided into sections on easel and printed graphic works. More than 600 works by 250 twentieth-century Russian and European artists demonstrate the technical potential of various media and show how they were used in different stylistic trends, from avant-garde art to hyperrealism.


Compiled by:

Yury Petukhov
Yegor Fedorovich

Texts by:

Natalia Vedeneyeva
Tatiana Lebedeva
Anna Chudetskaya


Easel graphic works pp.   14 – 187
Watercolor, gouache, tempera         18 – 37
Pencil         38 – 101
Indian ink, ink, felt-tip, ballpoint         102 – 171
Charcoal, black chalk, pastel         172 – 187
Prints         188 – 315
Woodcut         194 – 219
Linocut         220 – 233
Lithograph, monotype, serigraph         234 – 261
Etching, aquatint, lavis, drypoint         262 – 315
Easel Graphic Works Catalogue         316 – 365
Prints Catalogue         366 – 388
Abbreviations         389 – 390
Biographies         391 – 413
Bibliography         414 – 415

Print run:

1000 copies




art paper


416 pp.




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