o c t o b e r  25n o v e m b e r  18,  2011
boris610 Boris Kocheishvili: Second Birth

As part of the “Fragments” cycle of exhibits, we are pleased to present “Second Birth,” a show of the graphic works of Boris Kocheishvili. Works produced about 40 years ago but never before exhibited will be put on public view for the first time.

The drawings included in the exhibit have a special charm largely due to the story behind them. Provenance in no small measure enhances the perception of any work of art, and these works are no exception. Created in the early 1970s, this cycle was later given by the artist to a colleague for storage and wasn’t seen again until 2010. Having gone from one keeper to another, these works were in the possession of the well-known art critic Yury Gerchuk for nearly thirty years. It was he who returned them intact to their maker a year ago.

These pictures combine incredible sensuality and a lively plasticity with the anticipation of an event, a wonderful meeting about to take place. This feeling has to do with both the artist’s youth and temperament and the specific period of the late 1960s and early 1970s, full of important developments for art. At about that time Kocheishvili worked out his unique method of drawing in India ink on art (glossy) paper. He employed this method to produce quite a few works, many of which are now in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, and many provincial museums and private collections inside and outside Russia.



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