6 Nikolay Kupreyanov. Meeting at the Stern. 1932


N.N.Kupreyanov did the well-known revolutionary engravings Battleships and The Cruiser Aurora; his series of drawings Railways, Herds and Nights at Selishche have long become classical pieces of Soviet graphic art. The lithograph of the Baltic Fleet series, executed by the artist in 1932-1933, was one of the last pieces done by Kupreyanov. There is some confusion about the name of this lithograph. When published in different catalogues, it was named differently, although the artist originally named it Meeting at the Stern. (Q & A session) as quoted in the monograph N. N. Kupreyanov. Literary and Artistic Heritage, compiled by N. S. Iznar and M. Z. Kholodovskaya, edited by Y. A. Moloka, Moscow, Iskusstvo Publishers, 1973 (catalogue No. 158).



Kupreyanov, Nikolay Nikolayevich (1894-1933)


Meeting at the Stern. (Q and A session). From the Baltic Fleet series




Autolithograph on paper. 2nd version. 3 stones


436х628 cm

Marks and Signatures:

NK 32 center right: НК 32


Purchased from Vladimir Potresov, heir of the artist Tamara Mironovna Rein (1915-2000); exhibited at the “B/W. Russian and European Graphic Works of the 20th Century” exhibition, Yaroslavl Art Museum, 2009; reproduced in the exhibition catalogue on pp.245 and 376, catalogue No. 531, under the name Court Marshal; also reproduced in the book Khudozhnik, sudba i Velikii perelom (The Artist, Fate and the Great Crunch) compiled by T. Rein. Moscow, Palmir, 2000, p.23 under the name Meeting Aboard the Ship.





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