s e p t e m b e r  15  – o c t o b e r  15,  2011
ruo2 Arise, Ye Dead! Book Prints by Georges Rouault

The 2.36 Gallery opens its new exhibition season with a display of graphic sheets done by Georges Rouault in the 1920s and 1930s as illustrations to different literary pieces.

His laconic pictorial vocabulary and trademark conventional images can easily confuse an inexperienced viewer. Rouault’s graphic works are rather “tough” and devoid of any embellishments despite their flowing lines and soft contours. This type of art is deliberately non-commercial and for the select. Far from everyone can be impressed by these sorrowful figures, skeletons moving in space or lifeless landscapes. Yet these sheets exude such a powerful charge that their conventionality seems of secondary importance. Any work by Rouault is capable of organizing and subordinating space. It is an energy nucleus, with a spiral of events unfolding around it. Small wonder Rouault’s works are compared to icon painting.

The works put on show constitute one of the largest collections of Rouault’s book prints in Russian private collections. Some sheets have already been shown within the framework of the gallery’s project “B/W. Russian and European Graphic Works of the 20th Century”, others will be on public view for the first time. Anyway, this intimate show is the first monographic exposition of Georges Rouault’s works in Moscow.


Exhibition from the “Fragments” cycle.



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