This is the first installment of the Consulting rubric. The Internet abounds in writings on diverse topics, but usually you have to navigate from one link to another to find what you need. The desire to change the situation, if only in part, and to share useful information, experience and knowledge has led to the development of this new category of resources available to the public at large. All texts will be provided as PDF files to be downloaded for free.


The present rubric will offer:

  • information about the state of the contemporary art market, its main trends and specific development, as well as advice on how to establish business and partnership relations with market players;
  • information about the rules and latest world trends in framing artworks, advice and consulting;
  • advice on how to hang artworks in home or office interiors;
  • consultations on how to choose works for home and office interiors and how to form collections;
  • answers to whatever questions you may have about art.




cons artmarket Art Market. Myths and Reality



Art Market. Myths and Reality (486)

August 2, 2011









Fragments of a work by A. Kim have been used in document design.