J U L Y 19, 2011

arles2011 Arles Photography Festival

To continue to introduce our artists to you, we have prepared the biography of Lucien Clergue, a photo artist of world renown who is at the peak of his career and public recognition.

The Clergue theme proved really inexhaustible. It is hard to believe that a person can accomplish so much in his life!  It has turned out not so easy and quite a responsibility even to simply single out the main facts: what if he himself regards other events of his life as crucial?!

Now that work on his biography is over, I feel like doing something else as soon as I read at least one more little bit about Clergue… And what is this festival there?  Perhaps, that’s what we want?

It has proved a new page turned open – the festival is gathering momentum and merits special attention!

As has been mentioned in his bio, the photography festival founded in Arles in 1968 by Lucien Clergue, together with Jean-Maurice Rouquette, director of the Musée Réattu of Arles, and the writer Michel Tournier, a Prix Goncourt winner, is held annually in July.

Find a minute and plunge into the atmosphere of creativity, which is reigning supreme at this festival!


This year the festival is on from July 4 to September 18. The visitors will see 47 exhibits.  In the evening musical and visual concerts are held for participants and guests in the open air.  There are also workshops at which photographers share their professional experience with colleagues and young people and movie shows.


Endowed with amazing energy, Lucien Clergue makes works of art of whatever he takes up, transmitting that energy through his own photographic masterpieces or accumulating the energy of world photo art.