A P R I L  11,  2011

Deep inside me there is unabated struggle going on virtually all the time. It now exacerbates, now turns into agony, or else, unexpectedly becomes latent. An artist, gallery owner and collector keep struggling with one another. I sometimes find it hard to say exactly who is getting the upper hand at any given moment. It is a rather strange sensation of split personality. This happens whenever I come across something really worth it. It does not matter whether the artist’s name is known or not. You rather feel than understand at that moment that this is something real and alive and that everything is resounding and moving here. It is afterwards, much later, that doubts may arise about whether I did right by spending money to buy a little-known (or altogether unknown) artist. So what if it’s beautiful? So what if some inner charge is felt in this work? There have been so many works like that, so what? Shouldn’t you stop there? Haven’t you had enough?

I want to bring to your attention another purchase of the Unplanned series. Some time ago the 2.36 Gallery carried out the Light of the Ages project, which caused quite a stir in Moscow. Needless to say, when I undertook that project, I very much hoped that it would be continued, that the groundwork laid for public viewing could be expanded and deepened, and that the collection might be developed along new lines as the subject of West European stained glass is virtually inexhaustible. But the world economic crisis broke out, causing serious adjustments not only in the evolution of this project, but also in a lot of human lives. In short, the stained glass collection shown to a broad range of viewers remained in limbo for the time being.
Nevertheless, as one of Mikhail Bulgakov’s characters used to say: “Easily carried away, Paramosha, aren’t you?” I found myself buying mid-19th-century companion stained glass pieces on the theme of hunting, which I am bringing to your attention with great pleasure and some trepidation. No more than three or four people have seen them in Russia so far. Take a look at them! I wonder what you think about such unplanned acquisitions.