o c t o b e r 18 – 26, 2008

svet610 The Light of the Ages

This collection cannot reflect the entire history of the development of West European stained glass of the 13th through the 19th century, nor does it aspire to. Yet it shows many aspects of that history unknown to the viewers at large. On view is stained glass of different periods, different types and different European schools. Swiss and French glass of the 13th through the 19th century forms the bulk of the collection. Ornamental stained glass of different periods and different schools accounts for a sizable and fascinating part of it. In general, it is not so much the history of the development of stained glass as the manifestation of its tremendous diversity – from fairly modest glasses decorated with simple ornaments to intricate compositions bringing together the various stained glass making methods. A special wooden light-box was made for every stained glass using cold light lamps. This transferred stained glass from being a piece of monumental art into the range of easel art and therefore put it for the first time on the Russian antique market as a new collector item.



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