o c t o b e r  23 – 31,  2010

neprist610 Indecent Proposal


There are two reasons for the provocative name of our project. First, we invite the viewers to judge paintings and graphic works showing nude female bodies by twentieth-century Russian and European artists. Second, working on this project we suddenly realized that willy-nilly we were acting like some sort of art pimps. The only difference was that we offered our “commodities” for good rather than for temporary use. We are offering you not merely to enjoy and appreciate Beauty, but to POSSESS it. This is what makes our proposal “indecent”.

There was perhaps no period in world history when female beauty was neglected. It attracted people of all social groups and occupations and was admired in different countries of every continent in all ages. Men of arts – the creators of sundry Lauras and Galatheas, Danaes and Venuses, who engraved their images and names in human memory – paid special attention to this theme.

There is no doubt that every age, people and even concrete person have their own idea of female beauty, and that what is now treated as the ideal and causes admiration seemed ugly in some other times. It will not be an exaggeration to say that precisely artists (in the broad sense of the word) were responsible for shaping public opinion of one type of the ideal nude female body or another. It is no chance that definitions of the Kustodiev beauty or the Rubens or Renoir type of woman have become commonplace. We plan to introduce a whole range of such ideals to you within the framework of this project.



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