o c t o b e r – d e c e m b e r 2007

vmesto610 In Lieu of Foreword. Part One

The project “In Lieu of Foreword. Part One” presents works by five artists – Alexey Kamensky, Alexander Livanov, Alexander Maximov, Karl Friedman and Boris Chernyshev – and inaugurates a new Moscow gallery, 2.36.

The first project of a new gallery is never easy going. In our case, however, it was a fairly natural choice to show what we ourselves like. No one of the artists on display ever had any conflict within Soviet culture, but deep inside each was independent from the surroundings. Meanwhile, the surroundings were intolerant of any independence.

Their aloofness from the cultural context was not glaring or haughty, but obvious and definitive. These artists preferred to live by their own laws rather than by those laid down by society, even at the cost of huge sacrifices. Each consciously plunged into work, or craft, if you will, when some particular dot, line or brushstroke is all that matters because their absence shatters inner harmony, for the sake of which they in fact made their choice.



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