a p r i l  1 – m a y  1,  2011

dovil610 Deauville. Art Deco Beach Fashion


Most of the photographs presented in this project were made to report to fashion magazines of the period about another beauty contest or swimsuit show and are patently advertising. It is easy to imagine these publications to open with “The fashion this season is…”.

Each of the photographs was taken by somebody. Needless to say, the best professionals were hired to do advertisement photo sessions. Some were better known, others less. However, looking at those beautiful models of the 1920s through the 1940s demonstrating period beachwear, you find yourself thinking that it does not matter much who pushed the button. An old photograph is beautiful and interesting in itself and has a special appeal, magic and charm.

If you view these photographs thinking not so much of the swimsuit pattern or the girl demonstrating it as of that time and the prevalent ideals of female beauty, you cannot help thinking that as time went on, these advertising snapshots became documents of an epoch.



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