a p r i l 16 – 24,  2011

reallywant610 Can’t Wait…


Some time ago the organizers of the Russian Antique Salons invited the public at large to admire the art of the 1960s, which (in terms of chronology) began to be treated as old artworks. A special project was undertaken within the framework of one Salon to show the main art trends of that period. That idea, however, has so far failed to be developed adequately by either gallery owners or collectors. Even the collectors who claim to be seriously interested in the art of the 1960s deal for the most part with a fairly limited list of names. Meanwhile, the art of the 1960s is rich in personages, themes and forms of implementing creative concepts. The 1957 Moscow International Festival of Youth and Students gave Soviets a chance to personally meet people from other cultures and placed world art within the reach of Soviet artists, permitting them to turn to entirely different plastic forms.

The 2.36 Gallery prepared a special project, “Can’t Wait…”, for the 30th Antique Salon. Bearing in mind the pre-vacation time when the Salon was held, we decided to focus on seaside recreation. In addition to their seasonal topicality, works on this theme are a priori decorative, which perfectly accords with the art trends of the 1960s that on the whole sought to blend intoprivate interior space. We planned initially to call the project “By the Very Black Sea”, but as our countrymen have of late been vacationing more and more on other sea coasts, we decided against being specific about the countries each of us could not wait to go to when thinking about vacations. Hence the abbreviated title “Can’t Wait…”.

Works by the artists whom the gallery has promoted for quite a while and who came into their own precisely in the 1960s (Alexey Kamensky, Alexander Livanov and Alexander Maximov) formed the groundwork of the display.  We also included works by artists who started their careers in the 1920s and 1930s and continued their creative quests in the 1960s through the 1970s (Meer Axelrod, Varvara Bubnova, Dora Gurevich, Alexander Labas, Mikhail Matorin, Maria Myslina, Maria Raube-Gorchilina, Boris Chernyshev and Alexandra Shchekatikhina-Pototskaya).



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