o c t o b e r  1 d e c e m b e r  15,  2009

chb610 B/W. Russian and European Graphic Works of the 20th Century


As history would have it, graphic works have virtually always taken the back seat to all other forms of fine arts. Their role in private collections was just as modest. Few collectors focused entirely on graphic works. Yet they were real experts who knew practically everything there is to know about both techniques and materials and could speak for hours on end about the particulars of the execution of every work.  Unfortunately, nowadays very few people can identify the technique in which one graphic work or another was executed. We wanted to remedy the situation and draw the attention of the public at large to graphic art in all its diverse manifestations and hypostases. All the more so since precisely owing to its democracy (the materials used by graphic artists are simple and affordable) graphic works make it possible to see that, despite the Iron Curtain or the Berlin Wall, art is an international and interstate vehicle.  It develops in accordance with its own laws and knows no borders. New movements, artistic styles and trends come into being and develop irrespective of the wish or bans of the powers that be.



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