f e b r u a r y 3 – 282011

kamensk610 Alexey Kamensky. Pastels. From the “Fragments” cycle


The “Alexey Kamensky. Pastels” project inaugurates a planned exhibition series aimed to help anyone interested in Russian art to get an insight into the artist’s creative laboratory. Any exhibition (be it a theme, solo or group show) invariably presupposes some cross-section, focus on a certain theme or a statement by the artist or curator on some occasion. Launching this exhibition series under the umbrella name “Fragments”, we intend to bring to your attention only quality works by artists we respect and find worthy, those whose works, in our opinion, merit attentive examination, analysis and immersion in the inner world of each of them.

We slightly missed the time of apartment shows. Like many of you, we have heard stories of their contributors and visitors to them and read about this cultural phenomenon of the “developed Socialism epoch” and the period of ruthless suppression of anything if only slightly going beyond the limits of the prescribed and commonly recognized “quality standards”. Taking into consideration our exhibition space – an old Moscow apartment in the Arbat area refurbished into a gallery – which precluded any large-scale exhibition project, we decided to turn our shortcomings to advantage. Within the framework of the “Fragments” project we will try to combine the extinct practice of Soviet apartment shows with the European practice of mounting exhibitions in small private galleries.



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