(1878 – 1971)


Painter, graphic artist and illustrator


1878                  Born in Moscow

1888 – 1894     Attended the Moscow Modern School

1894 – 1896     Studied at the Nicholas Cavalry School of St. Petersburg

1897 – 1900    Served at the Mitava cavalry regiment (Częstochowa)

1901                  Retired from service with the rank of lieutenant

First trip to Italy

Begins to take regular painting classes

Files an application to enroll at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and is rejected

Attends the private studio of Prof. Jan Ciągliński

1902 – 1905    Goes to Munich and studies at Prof.H. Knirr Studio

Goes to Paris and takes classes at the Atelier F. Cormon

Begins to exhibit his works (contributes to an exhibition of the “New Society of Artists”, St. Petersburg)

1906 – 1908    Travels across France, Italy and Tunisia

Returns to Munich

Becomes close with A. von  Jawlensky, M. von Werefkin (M. Verevkina), W. Kandinsky and other artists of the “Blaue Reiter” group

Makes friends with A. Zaltsman and A. Sakharov

1909               Joins “Neue Künstlervereinigung München” and contributes to society exhibitions

1910                Contributes to the first “Knave of Diamonds” exhibition in Moscow

1911                Joint exhibition of works by A. von Jawlensky and V. Bekhteev. Hall of Fame. Barmer, Germany

1912 – 1914    Exhibits at the “Der Sturm” Gallery in Berlin

1914                 Returns to Russia with the outbreak of the First World War. Serves in Borisoglebsk as a reserve lieutenant

1918 – 1921    Heads the capital protection subsector of the People’s Commissariat for Education department for museums and the protection of old landmarks and artworks

1921 – 1922     Artistic director and chief artist of the First State Circus in Moscow

1922                Begins to work for book publishers, does first sketches of book covers and illustrations

1923                Produces a cycle of illustrations for the Japanese tale Invincible Warrior

Marries Natalia Iosifovna Plakhova in Kiev

1926 – 1928    Joins the Association of Graphic Artists

1928                 Joins the “4 Arts” Society.

1928 – 1930    Works on illustrations for Phoenician Ship and Fires on the Mounds by V. Yan

1929                 Visits Teberda (Caucasus) and makes a series of watercolors

1930 – 1932    Goes on a mission to the Sartana Steel Works and makes a series of watercolors

1932                 Visits Gudauty (Caucasus) and makes a series of watercolors

1932 – 1933    Makes illustrations to Lady Byron’s Affair by E. Mayne, Mademoiselle de Maupin by T. Gautier, Jean Sbogar by C. Nodier and Daphnis and Chloe by Longus

1935                 Makes a trip along the Georgian Military Road in the Caucasus. A series of watercolors for the State Literary Museum

1939 – 1945    Lives in Chimkent (now Shymkent). Kazakhstan series of watercolors

1945                Returns to Moscow

1946-1950s    Makes illustrations for literary pieces

1955               First solo exhibition at the Moscow Artists Union exhibition hall

1955 – 1960s Works on the Baltic series of watercolors (Palanga, Pärnu, Dzintari).

1961 – 1964   Solo exhibitions held in Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev

1966                The “Blaue Reiter” exhibition at Lenbachhaus, Munich

1968                Exhibition “Erbslöh and His Circle” in Cologne

1968                Awarded the honorary title of Merited Artist of the Russian Federation for his 90th birth anniversary

1971                Dies in Moscow

1974                V. Bekhteev’s works exhibited at the “Blaue Reiter” exhibition at Lenbachhaus, Munich

1977                D. Z. Kogan publishes a monograph about V. G. Bekhteev




Vladimir Bekhteev. Works on Paper 1900-1960s. Art Divage Gallery, Moscow, 2005.